Social Media Adventure begins… Winnipeg to Denver!

It’s midnight, I’ve just finished playing basketball…. what is the obvious next thing to do?  (well yes, shower, but I mean AFTER that…) Fill up the tank, post my cell # to twitter and start driving to Denver!

The Social Media Adventure Summer Tour Officially Begins!

The first leg of the journey begins with a trip to Denver, where I will visit my absolute favorite Social Media connection: @TamaraSchilling (For more information on why she’s my favorite, visit

Beautiful Sunrise in Iowa

Beautiful Sunrise in Iowa

This part of my trip is solo, which means I don’t get to nap while someone else drives Bumblebee, my shiny yellow car that I secretly pretend is a transformer.  To help me stay awake, I send out a tweet inviting any night owls to text me…. special shout outs to: @Aug1698 & @aka55 for responding with some exciting text messages! (Seriously, you guys rock)

Even though I am excited to make it to Denver, I take it pretty easy… The Dakota’s are really pretty when the sky is clear (and during rainstorms) but what you see is what you get. The prairies don’t really offer much in terms of exciting changes, and I don’t want to crash, so I stop at numerous rest-stops along the way.  Iowa, just for the record, has the most BEAUTIFUL rest stops!

I arrived safely in Denver and plan to lay low for a week or so.  I will be doing a few #tweetups and presentations here and have already made some great connections with both super fun people, and organizations that are excited to help share the message!

More info to come shortly… :)

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  • Joseph – Very nice to follow your adventure – professionally and personally…wishing you good tidings and looking forward to checking out your adventures enroute..any plans of coming to India..Both of you should come visit the abode of Love – The Taj Mahal…will be glad to meet u both..

  • I just saw the post on twitter and the design looks great. Best of luck on CBS. Is the blog hosted on a server that will be able to handle the increased traffic?

  • Thanks, you are the best!

  • Blessings to you and Tamara. What I love most is how the both of you cherish each moment knowing that time truly is a gift. Each moment allows for new beginnings ! It’s when familiarity sets in then we quench the thirst for life within.

    You both are very special!
    Know that I am excited & praying.

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