Where is my Tuxedo?? (Another Reason I’m #LovinLogistics)

When I started the Social Media Adventure way back in the early days, I threw a few shirts & shorts into the trunk of my car and hit the highway to meet my online friends in person.  I wanted to put a practical application to the notion that the web is connecting us and bringing us together.

Some things have changed since I originally departed, but the wardrobe situation is pretty much the same. (I’m a simple guy.)

Road trips rarely call for any sort of formal wear… but lately I have wondered if I’ve graduated beyond a basic road-tripper into the big leagues. You see, lately I’ve had some fancy-pants events that I’ve had to dress up for. Does that make me important?

Fancy-pants Event #1: Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser

Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser

Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser

The Boys & Girls Club is one of my favorite charities. I love the practical work they do in giving children the resources, relationships & support to grow into their full potential and become contributing members of society.

I’m grateful that Beverly Kidd also loves the Boys & Girls Club. :)

In the fall, I was invited to attend the annual fund-raising event for the East Valley chapter of BGC in Phoenix with Beverly Kidd, who was hosting the event for the third year in a row.  I heard that it was a black-tie affair, so my t-shirt and shorts weren’t going to cut it.  :(

Wanting to match my gorgeous date (or at least try), I rented a tuxedo.  I have to admit that I enjoyed wearing it (and that I looked pretty handsome) but at $300 a night, I was glad that I didn’t have to do that every week.

Or so I thought…

Fancy-pants Event #2: Kristine Harrington’s Wedding

At Kristine Harrington's Wedding

At Kristine Harrington's Wedding

Yup, not even a week later I was invited to a wedding. Go figure.

With another $300 impending (or so I thought) I was regretting having such a small car and a limited wardrobe. Maybe I should have taken a minivan instead? That way I could fit my own suit or tuxedo on the trip. :)

The wedding was for Phoenix’s Channel 3 Reporter, Kristine Harrington, a co-worker of my beautiful date for the Boys & Girls Club fundraiser.  The wedding was held at a beautiful outdoor venue near Pinnacle Peak in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

She said “I do”, he said “I do” and you know how the story goes from there…

Coincidentally, the wedding was right beside where I went rock climbing for my birthday just a few days earlier. Eerie, huh?

The Moral Of The Story

Anyway, seeing a pattern emerging for formal wear, I thought it wise to use one of the strategies from my earlier post to get one of the suits shipped down from Canada via The UPS Store.

#lovinglogisticsI was able to have a friend from back home grab a few of my suits and ship it to me in Phoenix just in time to get it dry cleaned for the wedding. The overall cost? $40.

Oh yes, I’m definitely #LovinLogistics!

4 days and $40 and I managed to avoid renting another tuxedo at $300… or buying it as the salesperson really felt I should. #ihatepressuresales

Want Free Stuff? I’ll Give You A $25 Gift Card!

Sure, why not?!  I’ll send a $25 gift card to anyone who wants to play along. :)

Here’s the scoop.

Since I posted pics of me in fancy clothes, I will give a $25 gift card to the first 10 people who:

  1. Take a fun picture of you dressed up in your own fancy-pants attire.
  2. Retweet this post on Twitter and include the link to your picture.
    • Also, leave a comment with the link to your tweet or picture so I can keep track. :)
  3. Do the hoky-poky and turn yourself about… (Maybe that really IS what it’s all about, after all)

Yeah, that’s it. You can even skip step #3, I won’t know the difference.

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  • Hmm. I’ll have to find a picture of me in my fancy pants attire. I’ll then retweet the post. In the meantime…hold on just a second. (time passing…) Yay, we’re good to go on step 3 :)

  • Conniealgoflah

    Ahhh I guess I DID not read the post carefully as instructed 😀 I retweeted and sent my glamour shot to ya ::D HA! by the way..with Bev on your arm..you look good no matter what your wearing..keep saying that out loud and all will be well in the marriage 😀 haha!

  • DWiley224

    You look pretty swanky in that Tux but you can’t beat my leopard print dress-DWiley224

  • Michellesedas

    oooh! Fun! I love playing along! I’m getting ready to tweet and attach a pic of me and my latin lover. :-) oh, and I’m totally hoky-pokying right….. *now*!

  • Michellesedas

    oooh! Fun! I love playing along! I’m getting ready to tweet and attach a pic of me and my latin lover. :-) oh, and I’m totally hoky-pokying right….. *now*!

  • oh, dang it! why is my little picture not in my avatar in my comment?

  • ok. good. 😛

  • Okay I played. Here’s my tweet 😀 http://bit.ly/icQcVa

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