The Best Office Support Team Ever… Starbucks

As part of what Tim Ferriss (Author of Four Hour Work Week) has coined as the New Rich, I’m never tied to a single location.  I love being on the road and experiencing the things you can’t enjoy from behind a desk.

To do this, I need the help of my team.  Most of my team is remotely located (the majority are overseas) which is nice for scalability. In a single week work with staff & sub-contractors in countries all over the world, including: Canada, USA, Romania, Singapore, Philippines, India & Pakistan.

The downside to having an international team is that sometimes I get lonely. Although Twitter provides a great way to “chat” with others, there is a lack of true social interaction in the form of handshakes, hugs, conversation, wedgies and playing footsie.

That’s why I tell most people that I work at Starbucks.

Starbucks Support Team

My Office Support Staff

I don’t work for Starbucks, but like many work-from-home entrepreneurs or professionals, I choose Starbucks as my office of choice. Granted, I don’t normally get to go in wearing my pajamas, but the great drinks and even better people make it worth while.

This post is to say “Thank You” to my favorite friends at Starbucks. I refer to them as my “office support team.”

Not only do the staff at this particular location make me feel like I am in a re-run of Cheers (They always remember my name, and my favorite drink), they always go above and beyond in making me feel welcome. Little things like free snacks or the occasional free drink, or just sitting down and talking with me and laughing at my Canadian sense of humour (note the Canadian spelling).

Needless to say, whenever I meet people for business meetings, I always suggest this as the venue of choice. My guests are always made to feel as welcome as I am.

So, my good friends at Starbucks, thank you.

Thanks for making “the office” a comfortable place to work and something worth writing about.

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