Road Trips, Tweeting Cell Phone Numbers & Making Friends

On my recent trip to Thompson, Manitoba, I had plenty of time to think. (Thompson is about 8 hours north of Winnipeg… brrr!)

So, after I ran through all my thoughts, I had another 7 1/2 hours of drive time ahead of me.

As I’m known to do, I tweeted my cell phone number and asked for some moral support in the form of inspiring or funny text messages to keep me awake on my journey.

There were so many awesome text messages that came in that I can’t list them all, but here are some of the highlights:

  • @missquicksilver – To know what your heart wants, look where your mind wanders
  • @tiggers_the1: You might regret what u do but you’ll regret what u don’t do so much more.
  • @loveroflifenh: You can always be disappointed or you can laugh and enjoy your adventure. – Byron Katie
  • @yr4asong: Lately I’ve learned what we fear most may never come to pass.
  • @atlantalily1: God is not Mastercard. -dewdropper

I also got text messages from these awesome peeps:

@lizzieanne12 @getaclewis @tryintolivehere @TheConnieShow @JMHaughey and last, but certainly not least @MichelleSedas

(I make a big deal about the message from @MichelleSedas for a reason… to be detailed in a future post. For now, let the suspense eat away at you!)

So, super huge thanks to everyone in this post for keeping me awake while driving. You’re making the world a better – and safer – place, one text message at a time. :)

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  • Michelle Sedas

    Yea! I love it!!! I’m last but not least. I’m honored! :-) Awesome video.So fun with great music.

    And oh my goodness… that was only in August?! Of 2010? Hard to believe.

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Oh the fun times, hey partner? :)

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