Crowdsourcing Luxury Hotel Reservations in NYC, NY

Some may call it ambivalence, others may call it laziness…

They may both have a point.

Confession: I left my hotel reservations up to my twitter friends.

New York City, NY Luxury Hotel skyline

Which do you suggest?

What is the best luxury hotel in NYC? Any suggestions? #nyc

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The truth is, though, I have never been to NYC before, so I thought I would ask for some suggestions from my social media friends. (BTW, NYC stands for New York City. I’m trying to sound sophisticated!)

Besides, I don’t usually stay in luxury hotels unless I am at a conference that is in one.  I prefer couch-surfing when it’s cold.  If it’s nice out, I’m more apt to just sleep on the side of road in my faithful Bumblebee. :)

The response was amazing, too. I got some great suggestions from lots of my twitter friends, and found some really neat places. My friend @Winter_Thur sent me a link to his suggestion: The Jumeirah Essex House and I even had one social media savvy travel company offer to help me pick the best place and book it for me. (Thanks @Residio!)

So, to say thank you… I made a video:

Be sure to check out all of the great friends who helped me:


But the question still remains: Which hotel should I stay at? I will be in NYC later this summer and want to stay at a fun, memorable hotel and enjoy NY in luxury!

Which one do you recommend?

What is the best luxury hotel in NYC? Any suggestions? #nyc

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  • Ohhh Joseph, why did I have the feeling you wouldn't pick one! :) I think the Waldorf is beautiful and historic (movies have been made there too)

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Yeah, that's why I saved yours for last… it seems to have a lot of character! :)

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Wait… what movies?

  • Well….if you ask me, you should stay in the middle of Times Square, the bleachers/lawn chair thing they have going on is pretty cool! But if you must pick a hotel I agree with Jaime re: the Waldorf. Prob the way to go if you are looking for luxury. that and the Plaza. But remember, sometimes luxury doesnt' always = comfort/warmth OR the real deal of NYC! LOL…by the way, there aint nothin' sophisticated about us NY'rs. and we're damn proud of that!
    Now aren't you glad you asked for opinions!? : )

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Thanks for all the feedback Nicole… nice to have the perspective of a native NY'er. :)

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