Flying To Phoenix from the Grand Forks International Airport – North Dakota

Like many Winnipeggers (people who live in Winnipeg) I was fascinated when I heard that you could fly from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Phoenix, Arizona for $19. Yes, $19. As in, less than twenty bucks.

On a good day, a flight to Phoenix from Winnipeg will cost in the $300-$350 mark. Not an overly expensive flight considering Southwest doesn’t fly out of any Canadian cities. :(

Grand Forks Airport

Grand Forks Airport - Pretty, isn't it?

Grand Forks is only a short, 2 hour drive from Winnipeg (less if you’re driving Bumblebee) so $19 seems like a great way to save a few bucks and to catch up with an old friend who I convince to drive me down. 😉

The airline that flies out of the Grand Forks International Airport is called Allegiant. They are a Las Vegas based company that provides a lot of package tours, fun excursions, etc. I didn’t bother buying any of the fun tours they offered because I made my own fun in Phoenix, like: my day at the spa, the NBA finals game, Memorial Day BBQ, etc. :)

One thing I didn’t realize however, is that Allegiant flies into the PHX Mesa Gateway Airport, which is much different from the usual PHX Sky Harbor international Airport that I am used to flying into.  This was a bit of a problem for me, since my friends who were picking me up at the airport had an extra 45 minute drive to get me at the remote airport.

Overall, though, if you are looking to fly cheaply from Winnipeg to Phoenix (or even Las Vegas for that matter) then the quick drive to Grand Forks may be a good way to save some cash… and enjoy a pretty drive under the prairie sky.

Just make sure that the person picking you up doesn’t forget… 3 hours is a long time to wait if you don’t bring a book. *sigh*

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