Massages & Facials & Day Spas, Oh My! (A la Phoenix, Arizona…)

I love the spa. I go all the time.

Most people already know that, though, so I’ll share a secret that you might not know:

I have never had a facial before.

Well, that might not really be much of a secret… do men really even get facials that often anyway?  I had never heard of the idea, but when I visited the Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix, they looked at me like I was crazy for never having had a facial before.  (Didn’t bother me, though, I’ve been called crazy for worse reasons…)

Jana, the spa director, finally convinced me to get a facial… but I was adamant about one condition:

If I’m getting a facial, it has to be from the prettiest girl ever. Period.

Yeah, maybe that’s a bit silly on my part… but whatever, this is my story, I’ll tell it how I like.

Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa, Phoenix

Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa, Phoenix

Anyway, deciding that I deserved a great day at the spa, I also signed up for a massage before I got the facial. Best decision ever. Yeah, I really needed that massage and Rhonda was an absolute miracle worker.

I woke up to the scent of various magical essential oils, and a gentle tapping on my… umm…. upper leg, from Rhonda telling me that my massage was over. At least I think that’s what she said… Literally, what I heard was: “your vacation to heaven is over, time to come back and join the land of the living.” Oh, bittersweet feeling of the end of a massage.

As if it could get better?

It did.

I wondered why Jana had a mischevious smile when I asked for the prettiest girl ever. I thought she didn’t like my sense of humor. Turns out she knew something that I didn’t. That she did, in fact, have the prettiest girl ever working in her spa that day. WTH? I am lucky waaaay beyond deserving!!

Facial at the Spa, Phoenix Arizona

Facial at the Spa (That's not me, FYI)

So I had this facial and she told me all about what she was doing to my skin. I have no idea what she said, however. All I could think of was, how did i get so lucky to have the prettiest girl ever massaging my face?

That was, of course, until the extraction…

Have you ever had a facial before? They are absolute bliss on a cracker for 95% of it, then they pull out this excavating tool and dig into your face without reservation. And, YES, it hurts like heck!

Now I know why they made me sign a waiver.

Who would have known that sweet young Angie from Minnesota could inflict so much pain. I knew she would be a heartbreaker, but I didn’t realize she would break my face too. *sigh*

So, if you find yourself in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, treat yourself to a facial or a massage at the Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa. Just don’t be a wimp, like me. :)

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