Winnipeg Tweetup – Hometown Social Media Action, Finally!

You know, it’s funny.

I travel all over the USA and Canada on the Social Media Adventure. I get requests from Facebook & Twitter friends from all over the world requesting that I come visit their tweetups or meet them in person. I get text messages and phone calls from social media connections from literally every continent (except Antarctica).

@Denezy - Dene Sinclair on twitter

@Denezy - Dene Sinclair

Then, a tweetup happens in my own home town, and I don’t ever hear about it.

Maybe I should be taking a hint…. (I’m deciding to blame it on logistics instead)

Thankfully, @Denezy one of the people that I connected with via twitter while on my road trip to Atlanta was thoughtful enough to send me a text message:

You going to that tweetup at 6:30pm?

It was 5:45pm. I was also wearing pajamas because I was working from home all day. Oh, did I mention that it was over an hour away? (Mental calculation: 5:45pm + 1 hour drive + 6:30pm Start Time = fashionably late OR another speeding ticket)

Bumblebee is always game for a fast drive, but having had 3 tickets in a month is enough to slow a guy down for a little bit… I opted for fashionably late.

Neil & Me

Neil & Me

The meetup was held at The Inn At The Forks, one of Winnipeg’s coolest hotels. And, to make it even cooler, I found out that one of old friends, Neil (who I haven’t seen in years), had just started working there a week before.

Some of the other awesome people who were hanging out were:

  • @WpgPeanut – The mastermind behind this awesome event
  • @RonCantiveros – Publisher of the Filipino Journal, and friend of many years.
  • @JFratthe – Arguably he is Winnipeg’s coolest real estate agent. Fact.
  • @Snowbear -This dude is one of the funnest, most easy going people I’ve met
  • @BadmanRiddim – 100% keeping it real… no pretense in this guy at all.
  • @joshjmg – I don’t know if it’s because I own a multimedia company or I just have super powers, but I knew that this guy was a media wizard the second I saw him. Need media? Talk to this guy!
  • @GenePolice – I went a read her blog after first following and saw immediate congruency… this woman loves her children, and knows her own awesomeness. :)
  • @InnatTheForks – our most gracious host… thanks for the awesome evening!

There were others, too. I liked them all but I don’t remember all their twitter names.  Actually, some of them have protected tweets or weren’t even on twitter… should I leave them out? lol

Don’t worry, they might be edited into the list after I recall who they were… (or, if you see you weren’t included in the list, leave a comment or tweet me and I’ll fix it up ASAP.)

The Winnipeg Boys, Beer and... well, not much else.

The Winnipeg Boys, Beer and... well, not much else.

So, if you ever find yourself in Winnipeg, Manitoba, be sure to connect with some of my awesome new friends. You can always give me a shout, I may just be in town. :)

Oh yeah, and there’s video footage. I’m sure it will leak out soon enough… 😉

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  • Thanks for making me blush, man. Now I feel all… not-manly. 😉

    Honestly, though, it was excellent to meet you and the rest of the Winnipeg Twitter community. And I'm liking the site!

    _ J

  • wpgpeanut

    It was a good chance to put a voice to the tweets and I can't wait for the next one… I love these meetups. It just goes to show you how awesome people are in Winnipeg. :)

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Huge kudos go out to you for organizing this event… let me know when you're ready for another one! :)

  • Joseph Ranseth

    ha ha, i think women like it when a man blushes… at least that's what i tell myself when I blush. :)

  • Sir, that sounds like an excellent plan. I shall adopt your rationale. 😛

  • Been on twitter over three years now and this was my first official tweetup! I have to say I had a blast and it was great to finally meet in person some people I have known on twitter or facebook for a while now and to make some brand new friends. So definitely kudos to wpgpeanut and I am looking forward to the next one! 😀

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Definitely awesome to meet you man, you're in the video that will be out tomorrow, too! :)

  • Seriously? There was a tweetup in Winnipeg and I MISSED it? How did that happen? I need to connect with you people. I need to find people that speak my language!

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Danielle, I just found out a few minutes before it started myself… stay in touch with me on twitter and I'll be sure to let you know if I hear of another one. :)

  • Thanks Joseph. I just finished adding the people on your list so hopefully I won't miss the next one!

  • Thanks Joseph. I just finished adding the people on your list so hopefully I won't miss the next one!

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