Homemade Burgers & Fries + Custom Orthotics = Indiana

Humble beginnings

From humble beginnings...

Okay kids, it’s Quiz Time!

(I’d give you a prize for answering correctly but I’m going to answer the question for you, so you’ll just have to pat yourself on the back if you know the answer before I give it to you.)

Okay, here is the big question:

What do the following organizations have in common?

  • Apple inc.
  • Mattel, the toy manufacturer
  • Seattle grunge band Nirvana
  • The Walk EZ Store by Kathy Carandang

Did you get it? I’ll tell you anyway…

They’re all mega-success stories with the common bond of starting in the garage.

Last year I partnered with my good friend, and Guerrilla Marketing™ expert Brett Curry (@BrettCurry) for a social media & guerrilla marketing bootcamp coaching program. (Yeah, I know, that’s a moutful… we couldn’t think of a shorter name. *sigh*)

Anyway, one of my favorite coaching clients was Kathy Carandang, founder of the Walk EZ Store and creator of the EZ Walker custom orthotics.

Mission Control

Kathy at Mission Control

The reason that she was one of my favorites is very simple: PASSION.

Kathy (@WalkEZWoman) is a certified pedorthist (which means she knows a lot about feet) and has more energy than nearly anyone I have ever met. It might be those orthotics, but it might also just be here absolute zest for life. :)

On my recent trip to Atlanta I had the pleasure (ahem) of driving through Indiana. Possessing a propensity to tweet while I drive, word got out that I was near Kathy’s hometown and she invited me over for burgers with her family! YAY!

While I was there I got to see the original “mission control” of her operation. What is now a thriving business, she showed me the humble beginnings in her garage. It was nostalgic and heartwarming.

I also got a set of kick-ass custom orthotics…

Me & Kathy

Me & Kathy

Holy doodle! Let me just say that they have changed my life. I no longer have that lower back pain* that I used to get when standing stationary for any period of time. (*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be construed as medical advice… even though I do honestly think that if you got a pair they might just also change your life as well.)

For more info about Kathy and her mission check out: http://www.walkezstore.com or just send her a tweet and let her know that you care. :)

Kathy, thank you for the awesome barbecue… you rock! It was awesome to meet your entire family, blessings to you all.

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