Nashville – No country singers, but plenty of Social Media nerds.

It’s amazing how quickly the highway passes when you’re driving nearly 100 miles per hour. Ummm, anyway…

As I pulled my little yellow bee into Nashville, I tweeted my goal for Nashville:

Plan for Nashville: 1) date a country singer, 2) find a hip hop radio station. #SMA2010 (see the tweet)

Some is better than none right? I found a hip-hop station… No luck on the country singer thing. :(

#smcnash meeting

me at the #smcnash meeting

I did, however, manage to find an awesome gathering of (fellow) social media nerds. The Nashville chapter of the Social Media Club was having their monthly meeting, and it just so happened that this month they were discussing the latest developments announced at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, TX. Fun times!

(I have to give a special shout out to @GinaParris who invited me out to the meeting… Even though she skipped out herself. tsk, tsk.)

The meeting space was sponsored by Yazoo Brew a cool brewing company in Nashville, even though the renovations weren’t finished on their new location. Check out @WonderDawg777‘s flickr set for more pictures of the place, although I’m sure it looks much better now that the renovations are finished. :)

Dave Delaney (@davedelaney), Jessica Murray (@JessicaRMurray), Bayard Saunders (@miiacom) gave the synopsis of the event.  There was a lot of really great information but the bottom line consensus was that Foursquare is really cool, use it. 😉 j/k —  I was fascinated to find that Dave Delaney did a similar social media road trip earlier this year. Check it out at:

Following the nerd convention, we all headed over to a great wine bar with outdoor fires and amazing fish tacos.

Nachos in NashvilleInterestingly enough, with the exception of tweet-ups (like the one we did at AJbombers), this was the first time that I have ever checked in to a venue on Foursquare with more than one other person at the same time. Living in Winnipeg, there aren’t really a ton of foursquare users yet, so it made me feel kinda grown up and part of the in-crowd (and less of a total geek) to be ‘checking-in’ with other cool people, including @cool_springs who helped me kill that plate of nachos.

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  • mmangen

    What? You couldn't find a country singer to date? That just seems so wrong! Sounds as though you had a blast anyhow!

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Yeah, sad isn't it? lol

  • Great meeting man! Safe travels.
    Let us know next time you're rolling through Nashville.

    Take off, eh?

  • Joseph Ranseth

    I'll be posting a follow-up soon… turns out I was 15 minutes away from getting shot after checking in at the hotel.

    Other than that part, the Nashville experience was tops. 😉

  • What?!?!?

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Ooops, I take it back… it was 5 hours, not 15 minutes.

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Ooops, I take it back… it was 5 hours, not 15 minutes.

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