Social Media Serendipity – Las Vegas, Authors & Random Adventures!

“Joseph??? Joseph Ranseth… Is that YOU?” :)

It was Cindy Ashton, one of my absolute favorite social media friends! And, to make the story even cooler, I had NO IDEA that I was going to run into her at a marketing conference for authors, in Las Vegas, of all places.

Cindy Ashton, Sonia Ricotti & Me!

Cindy Ashton, Sonia Ricotti & Me!

Cindy & I met nearly a year ago on Facebook. I’m not exactly sure of the details, but somehow I ended up joining her group: Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye with Cindy Ashton. Her messages were insightful and uplifting, and I would send her messages back to let her know how awesome her message was. Over time we began to dialogue, and eventually moved to chatting by phone a few times sharing tips on business, love, immigration and sharing patriotic stories.

Yes, Cindy is also a Canadian. :)

Fast forward nearly a year later and I find myself at Authoring 101 with Rick Frishman – a seminar on marketing strategies for authors & speakers.

Lucky me, I run into Cindy and the rest is as I like to call it – History in the Making. :)

I was also blessed to meet her good friend Sonia Ricotti (@SoniaRicotti). Sonia is the author of the best-selling book: Law Of Attraction – Plain & Simple.

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