World Record Man-Made “Bishop’s Castle” visted by Social Media Adventure

Every Social Media Adventure needs a magical castle, doesn’t it? :)

Yeah, we agree… so we took an awesome trip through the mountains outside of Pueblo, Colorado to an amazing hidden gem of a special attraction, Bishop’s Castle.

This castle is a hand-made creation of a single man, Jim Bishop. For over 30 years Jim has been building this castle by hand…with no outside help at all! Check out the wikipedia article for more information:

Check out this video to see the view from “the top”! (well, what we thought was the top, and then the REAL top)

This structure is awe-inspiring and reminded us of the potential that we all have… we are all capable of achieving incredible things with the power that is within us! Sometimes it is a powerful exercise to see the accomplishments of others to remind us of our own potential.

What large thing can you do with your life?

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