Salt Lake City – #tweetup, sightseeing, connecting with friends!

Downtown SLC, Ut

Downtown SLC, Ut

It’s been almost 4 days since Tamara & I have arrived and we’ve been having an incredible time in Salt Lake City… what a blast! The Social Media Adventure is in full swing – we’ve been seeing lots of sights, meeting lots of great people and creating a ton of memories.

Friday night we had our #tweetup in the park, and got to meet so many great people.  Although some of them were old friends, most were new people that we’ve only ‘met’ through Social Media. Check out some of the photos I posted to facebook.

We like to party!

We like to party!

There were so many people that it would be impossible to name them all… but we are grateful for all of you!

Some were people that have heard Tamara speak in the past (she’s a professional motivational & inspirational speaker if you didn’t know already), some were people that had been following us on twitter (@JosephRanseth & @TamaraSchilling), or through our Love Story blog:, and some of them were people that I have known… both business & personal.

The best of the entire night was the fact that we got to ‘connect’ with people. It is exciting to see that wherever we go, people are all the same… (insert “Cheers” theme song here) Each conversation we had was meaningful, fun and strengthened a bond.

We also got a little bit wacky! Some fun highlights were

    putting Bumblebee to work

    putting Bumblebee to work!

  • ‘swimming’ in the stream with the kids
  • Wrestlemania between Tamara & I! (Check out this Social Media Love Story post for more info)
  • some awesome dancing with the hawaiian band under the pavillion
  • Putting our shiny yellow car Bumblee to work by giving a boost to a van in need

Today we went around Salt Lake City checking out all of the sites. We spent a bunch of time downtown at Temple Square and visited the HUGE conference center across the street. When we told the people at the conference center what we were in town for, they gave us a private guided tour of the entire facility… Thank you John & Linda, you guys rock! :)

Awesome tour guides

Awesome Tour Guides

Tomorrow we plan to check out the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and spend some time visiting with our amazing friends (and hosts) Bobby & Tricia Fogg and their amazingly beautiful daughter! (Follow them on twitter: @BobbyFogg & @TriciaFogg)

We’ll keep you posted… and we look forward to connecting with you!

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