The #12DaysOfGiving gets a little bit insane…

Fundraising is fun.

Fundraising on Crowdrise is even more fun.

Fundraising on Crowdrise for the #12DaysOfGiving is the most fun ever invented.

Some of the team have gotten a bit “creative” to help raise funds for their chosen charities. Some people might think it’s a bit over the top, but we just think it kicks ass.

In no particular order, here are some of the crazy challenges going on within the #12DaysOfGiving:

  • Sean Gardner – @2morrowknight will eat a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, and record it on video, when he hits 2K for his charity.Wanna see a cockroach exterminated without harsh chemicals? Donate here:
  • Mark Horvath – Our friend @hardlynormal said he would shave his head when the total funds raised for #12DaysOfGiving hits $5k. (He actually has since clarified that he meant each charity hits $5k, but I think we can still convince him to go bald… it’s for a good cause. ;)Make this happen here:
  • Me – I’m going to dye my hair blue, the recognized color of autism, in honor of all the children & families living with autism, when National Autism Association hits $2000.Make it happen here:
  • Amy Neumann – Will dye her hair pink when the National Domestic Violence Hotline hits $2000. If you need more of a reason to donate to Amy’s cause of choice, read her article: A Path From Pain To PositivityYou can be a superhero and make this happen here:
  • Ann Tran – When St. Jude reaches $2000, Ann will dye her hair whatever color the donors the vote… Currently #thinkpink is the most popular one yet. (Thanks @JessicaNorthey! lol)

    Wanna see this happen? Go here:

We’ll post more updates as the challenges evolve. Check back often!

Wanna make your own challenge? Join the team at and let us know!

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  • I’d really *like* to get a “12” tattoo on my @ss! That would be great! (I have a feeling my honey will veto it… so I’m recommending YOU get one next year!) 😛

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