#12DaysOfGiving Day 6: Mark Horvath & InvisiblePeopleTV

Day 6 of the #12DaysOfGiving challenge features Mark Horvath.

According to his Twitter bio, Mark (aka @HardlyNormal) is: “Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others. Founder @invisiblepeople & @wearevisible

I had the privilege of meeting Mark in person for dinner this summer while we were both visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba (where I grew up and my family still lives). I will say that Mark is a very humble, passionate man who has the knowledge & experience to shine light on things that many of us would normally avoid.

Mark’s is the Founder of InvisiblePeople.TV and thus that is his charity. It’s a noble cause, so I’ll let his own words describe it:



Invisible. Forgotten. Misunderstood. Increasingly, these words apply to a growing homeless population.

What if you could change how society views and deals with homelessness and poverty by helping someone share their story and start a conversation? What if that conversation led to an idea and a movement that would change how homelessness is addressed?


Every day Invisiblepeople.tv is starting conversations, raising awareness and changing sterotypes about homelessness. Invisiblepeople.tv lets homeless people share their stories – in their own words – about their experience. Their stories might surprise you. They might motivate you. They’ll definitely move you.

Today, you can join the conversation and make a difference. A donation to Invisiblepeople.tv – no matter how large or small – helps raise awareness and breakdown stereotypes. Our work is made possible and lives are changed thanks to the generosity of individuals like you.

Please consider supporting our work today.  Your contribution is tax deductible, but more importantly, it will change lives.

***this is part of the 12 Days of Giving Campaign

Join us for 12 Days of Giving.

For 12 days over the holidays, 12 passionate influencers will be sharing their favorite charity in a post on the site and inviting you to join in a movement of giving back and doing some good. Will you join us?

Please skip your latte, or brown bag your lunch, and donate to someone in need.


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