#12DaysOfGiving Day 1: Claire Diaz-Ortiz & Hope Runs

Who better to lead out our first 1 of #12DaysofGiving than social good superstar Claire Diaz-Ortiz.

@ClaireD – has been leading social innovation, philanthropy, and causes at Twitter since 2009. She is the author of Twitter for Good: Change the World, One Tweet at a Time, and is a frequent international speaker on how to use social media for good. Claire holds an MBA from Oxford University, where she was a Skoll Foundation Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship. She is also the co-founder of Hope Runs, a non-profit organization operating in AIDS orphanages in East Africa.

Her charity of choice is: Hope Runs.

In her own words:


‘Tis better to give than receive.


When I got the honor of being the first social good type to kick off the 12 Days of Giving Challenge, it didn’t take long for me to decide on my charity of choice.

Today, I’m happy to kick off Day 1 of the 12 Days of Giving challenge by telling you a bit about today’s cause: Hope Runs. In the days to come, make sure to look out for who other participants like Scott Harrison, Dennis Crowley, Andy Baldwin and Beth Kanter have chosen to honor!


What is Hope Runs?

Hope Runs is the non-profit organization I started in 2006 while living in an orphanage in Kenya. You can read the story of how I started Hope Runs in Runners World or in the Huffington Post.

Five years later, Hope Runs still provides athletic and educational opportunities for children and teens living in orphanages in Nyeri, Kenya. We are small, scrappy, and effective.

Hope Runs is happy to be one of the beneficiaries of the 12 Days of Giving Project. I hope you’ll read about our work, and consider donating. (Yes, Hope Run is also the beneficiary of the Twitter for Good Unconference).


What is #12DaysofGiving? 

And at no time of year do we feel this more keenly than the holidays! The spirit of giving is everywhere. People are a little kinder, a little more generous, and a little more willing to help a stranger.

All of these things led to the #12DaysofGiving, a 12-day bonanza of giving, sharing, and promoting social good from 12/13 to 12/24. Each day, amazing people (like Scott Harrison, Andy Baldwin, Beth Kanter, and little ole me!) and charities will be highlighted, with the goal to raise over $12,000 for the causes, as well to enlist the help of millions of passionate social media users globally to help spread awareness.

The goal is not only to show support for these causes, but also to illustrate the power of social media for social good and the massive impact thousands of small, meaningful actions can help when used collectively.


How can you help?

First, please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, your Blog, and email. And if you can, please make a small (or huge!) donation on Crowdrise to any or all of the diverse group of incredible charities here. Follow @12DaysGiving on Twitter, and learn more on the 12 Days of Giving site, GivingKicksAss.com, or on Crowdrise.


Donate some cash to Claire’s charity now or else she will cry.

(That last bit was “my own words”, not Claire’s. Just donate right now… or watch this video, then donate)



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